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The Wicklow Console Table

500.001,000.00 inc. VAT

Our Wicklow console table was created for a customer who wanted a Kerry console table but with a more simple, straight leg design. The first of its kind was delivered to said customer in Delgany, Co. Wicklow, thus receiving its name. It has since become one of our more popular styles.

Product Info

The Wicklow Console Table comes with our straight and simple style leg. Keeping the pinstripe effect on the sides, the straight style legs have no curves or tapers, making them the simplest style of leg that we have. The edge of our Console Tables all feature an ‘Ogee’ design to reduce sharp edges and enhance the overall aesthetic.


  • All of our Console Tables are made per order, and therefore, customary changes to the size are taken on request.
  • Our set sizes are 1 Meter, 1.2 Meters, 1.4 Meters, 1.6 Meters, 1.8 Meters, 2 Meters and 2.4 Meters
  • Our standard height is 85CM, and our standard depth is 36CM. These measurements are also customizable.
  • Any table can be painted in any colour from any range. Please put your colour choice and the range that it is from into the Notes on the checkout screen. If you have not yet decided a colour there is no panic, as it can take some time before it is ready to be painted, and you can use this time to decide.

For any custom options regarding measurements or for changes to the design, please contact us.


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